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Akoonu for Pipeline Review Features

Pipeline ReviewsStarterGrowthEnterprise
Selectable Pipeline Periods
Summary Headers
Saved and Shared Views
Inline Editing
Flag Deals for Review
Advanced Filtering
Navigable Team Hiearchy
Change Indicators
Selectable Change Periods
List ViewStarterGrowthEnterprise
Sorting and Groupings
Nested Groupings
Group Subtotals
Pipeline Flow ViewStarterGrowthEnterprise
Deal Flow and Waterfall Charts
Summary Data Table
Drill Down to Stages and Deals
Summary of Biggest Deals with Changes
View Amount and Number of Deals Flows
Designate "Closed Other" Stages
Kanban ViewStarterGrowthEnterprise
Drag and Drop Stage Changes
Configurable Card Fields
Stage Subtotals
Pipeline Health ViewStarterGrowthEnterprise
Dynamic Deal Labeling
Custom Hightlight logic
Setup & CustomizationStarterGrowthEnterprise
Configurable Pipeline Periods
Custom Amount Fields
Custom Forecast Category Field
Configurable Filter Menu
Custom Display Fields
Custom Deal Component
Configurable Actions
Supported Salesforce FeaturesStarterGrowthEnterprise
User Role Hiearchly
User-Manager Hierarchy
Custom Team Hierarchies
Multiple Currencies
Custom Fiscal Years
Customized Sales Stages
Opportunity Record Types
Opportunity Products
Opportunity Team Members
Opportunity Splits
AppExchange Certified
No Data ever leaves Salesforce
Scales to 10,000s of Opportunities
Provision to users with Permission Sets
"Akoonu Setup" Tab for all Setup Options
Configuration Backup and Migration
Configuration History and Rollback
Usage Reporting
Online Support Portal
Online Documentation
Email / Online Tickets
Sandbox Orgs Included
Premium Support Available